Jack Blue, Julian Tomlinson and Marty Marshall

Marty Marshall and Julian Tomlinson have been dating only a few weeks but already know they like where things are going. Especially since both have a voracious appetite for bareback sex! In order to get to know each other a little better, they go on holiday to a secluded, gay bed and breakfast, notorious for serving up more than just a continental buffet. The cute twinks gorge themselves on a smorgasbord of big, uncut cock and hungry holes, getting into a mouth watering 69 that will leave you panting. Julian is soon on his side, legs spread, his ass stuffed full with Marty’s raw cock. Meanwhile, on the balcony, Jack Blue looks on, hard cock in hand. Needing no invitation except for a casual glance, the curly-haired beauty climbs into bed and the three get into a fuck sandwich of raw meat. The aggressive, jock-like twink is soon calling the shoots fucking Marty and Julian both until they all release huge and the cum guzzling twinks are spent. Digitally remaster in HD so you can enjoy this sweet, angelic trio debauching themselves into delicious bareback pigginess in a tablet friendly format!
Featuring:  Jack Blue, Julian Tomlinson
Release Date: 08/09/2014