Gabriel and Breno

Foreplay is the name of the game for Gabriel and Breno, with plenty of kissing, touching, and licking. The two throw themselves wholeheartedly into a cock sucking session while in a whirlpool tub, trading back and forth. It’s soon clear who the TRUE cock fiend is: Gabriel! The curly-haired, caramel skinned cutie deep throats Breno like a Hoover, before, during, AND after giving up his sweet little fuck hole. Breno has to try a couple of times since his Brazilian twink buddy is so damn tight but, eventually, the athletic young top stretches works his juicy, uncut cock into the hungry bottom. Except he’s still extremely tight! So Breno works him over some more, this time with his eager tongue and talented fingers, before plowing into him again and practically pounding him into the middle of next week. With the tub drained, Gabriel rides Breno until they’re ready to blow. Breno stands and shoots all over Gabriel’s angelic face, lips, and tongue. The bareback twink whore eats his cum and cleans Breno’s cock off before leaning back and delivering an explosive climax of his own.
Featuring:  Breno, Gabriel
Release Date: 08/12/2014

Tags: Sweet & Raw