Denis Reed and Tom Markov

After learning about the treatment his fuck buddy received at the college infirmary, Tom Markov heads over with a bogus excuse, surprised to see a different Doctor on-duty…Denis Reed. But this one is every bit as thorough as the last one. The blond soon catches on there’s nothing wrong with Tom a good blowjob can’t fix. After all, he knows what twinks like Tom need. He learned it all in medical school. The Doctor, who actually specializes in Buttholery 101, sucks Tom for a bit before giving up his own big cock for service. Moving on to all the anal play Tom can handle, he uses a thermometer, speculum, and butt plug…even his own large, thick, uncut throbbing shaft. Denis drives Tom insane with lust and desire, fucking a load of the twink before leaving him with a cummy ass, a gaping hole, and seeding his sweet rectum with Doctor jizz. Enjoy every breathing taking stroke, digitally remastered in HD, and tablet friendly.
Featuring:  Tom Markov
Release Date: 07/22/2014