Sven Laarson and Adrian Smallwood

Adrian Smallwood and Sven Laarson are on their couch making out. They’re already hard in their jockstraps, with the heads of their uncut cocks sticking out beyond the elastic. They give us a glimpse of just how much they enjoy foreplay…kissing, licking, touching. But their hunger takes over and Adrian is soon giving Sven head and licking his hairless balls. Blond Sven returns the favor and the dark-haired beauty enjoys a thorough blowjob! After trading back and forth a few times, Sven bends over, exposing his sweet, pink hole. Adrian laps at it like a dog, lubing his boyfriend full of spit while giving him an incredible performance of analingus! Once primed, Adrian works his juicy raw cock inside Sven’s tight ass, fucking him bareback. Sven eventually takes over, riding Adrian hard and deep, fast and slow, his cock bouncing back and forth. Adrian takes a ride for a short while before Sven blows a huge load all over his face. When Adrian cums, adorable Sven takes it, cleaning his cock off and tasting his seed like a good, piggy boyfriend should!
Release Date: 08/05/2014

Tags: Sweet & Raw