Latest Video: March 03, 2015
Ruslanchik, Maxim and Nikita
Latest Video: February 24, 2015
Val Horner, Alan Craft and Frank Myers

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Release Date: February 17, 2015
Ronny Howard and Billy Webster
Ronny Howard, in yellow, is more than just in lust with Billy Webster, the cutie with the red tank top. Both are tall, slender, and nicely toned, their...
Release Date: February 10, 2015
Thomas Fiaty and Matthew Ross
Super cute blond twink Thomas Fiaty has a new boyfriend! And not just any boyfriend. Matthew Ross is a beefy jock type with the kind of cock Thomas likes...
Release Date: February 03, 2015
Pavel Petrow and Wladimir Iwanow
Pavel Petrow and Wladimir Iwanow have just met and are taking the time to get to know each other with a walk along the river. The more time they spend...
Release Date: January 27, 2015
David Russo and Victor Klicko
Eastern European blond twink, David Russo, has a new roommate. Little time is wasted once Victor Klicko moves in and they quickly discover they’ve a fetish...
Release Date: January 20, 2015
Carl Baxter and Thor
In what is probably one of the most idyllic and pastoral settings, Carl Baxter awaits his buddy Thor while feeling himself up and getting hard. The smooth,...
Release Date: January 06, 2015
Nick Daniels, Robin Few, Pierre, Nick Gill and Martin Love
Nick Daniels, Robin Few, Pierre, Nick Gill and Martin Love kick off the New Year with a bang! These fetish fuckers show us exactly what we need to get the...


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Zac Todd and Boris Orla
Boris Orla is doing his crunches. And regardless of whether or not they’re a bit unorthodox — who does crunches...
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Daniel Woods, Simon Clay, Jack Blue, Paul Blow and Christian Elliot
In the private seclusion of a gay bed and breakfast, Daniel Woods takes a swim in the pool before joining Jack Blue,...
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Jack Blue, Julian Tomlinson and Marty Marshall
Marty Marshall and Julian Tomlinson have been dating only a few weeks but already know they like where things are...
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Timothy Nixon and Donald Walker
There’s nothing like a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, unless of course, it’s a tight, rarely used twink...
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Patrik and Thomas Fiaty
Thomas Fiaty is taking a bubble bath and having a bit of fun by himself when Patrik shows up. The bigger, beefier...
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Sven Laarson and Tom Byron
Slender, blonde hottie, Sven Laarson is getting into the spirit of the World Cup Series with dark-haired footie pal,...
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Pasha and Yasha
Longtime buddies Pasha and Yasha go ice skating and, after all that time in frigid temperatures, they warm up with...


Sam Brooks and Ronny Howard

Release Date: March 10, 2015

After looking out the window and fantasizing over what guys they’d invite up for bareback sex, Sam Brooks and Ronny Howard strip down while making out. The twinks are soon naked and hard with dark-haired Sam on his knees, sucking Ronny. The eager cocksucker soon gets blond Ronny into bed, where he offers up a fat and meaty uncut cock. Ronny greedily devours Sam, stretching his lips wide to accommodate the big dick, getting his face fucked. Ronny is soon hot for Sam’s raw cock and spreads his legs, taking it all. The Eastern European bareback slut loves getting fucked raw and gives Sam full access. The hung, dark-haired cutie takes Ronny like a champ, pounding him from behind, fucking...