Ilya and Piotr Wolkow

During a certain time of the year, the sun never sets in Russia. As a result, the days are long but the twinks are even longer. This is certainly the case with slender, Eastern Europeans Piotr Wolkow and Ilya. Piotr gives Ilya a blowjob that's nice and slow, before giving up his tight, cherry ass to the hung top. At first, Ilya only uses the head of his cock to fuck the bareback virgin. Then he flips the long-haired twink over and sinks more of his thick, uncut tool inside, leaving Piotr with a gaping hole. Piotr eventually winds up riding Ilya to control the rate of penetration and apparently enjoys having a thick throbbing tool inside him because he ends up shooting a massive load all over his own chest before Ilya fires a load off of his own, all over Piotr's balls.

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Sam Brooks and Billy Webster

Sam Brooks is in the kitchen eating a banana and it's obvious he's horny. VERY horny. In fact, he's so horny he fingers himself while wearing his kinky underwear with a hole in the back for easy access. That's when Billy Webster walks in. The super sexy, adorable and thick hung twink offers up his cock for Sam to satisfy his oral cravings. Sam manages to take the entire thing without gagging and Billy is so grateful he returns the favor with Sam sitting up on the counter, legs spread wide. Sam might not be as hung as Billy but he's no small fry as he fucks Billy's face before getting into an acrobatic position, his tight pink little fuckhole stretched and fucked raw by the enormous Billy. After moving to the floor, we're treated to a beautiful slow motion shot of Sam riding Billy, his own cock swinging round and round, big balls bouncing before standing to give Billy a cum facial. The super hung twink with the fat cock then sprays his load all over Sam's chest and the greedy, cocksucking bottom cleans him up, lips wrapped around Billy's ample girth.

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Mark Zebro and Leo Cooper

Dressed in their former military gear, Mark Zebro and Leo Cooper are out in the woods when they stumble on an abandoned barrack, complete with makeshift shower. The cold water in the drum doesn’t stop these two from burning up with horniness! After making out and stroking each other, Mark gives Leo a blowjob before offering up his own huge, fat dick for service. Leo sucks and licks Mark’s big balls before bending over. Mark pumps his thick slab in and out of Leo’s sweet, pink fuckhole before stepping off to the side to ride Leo’s own dick. We’re treated to some mouth watering shots of Mark’s cock, fully hard, as it swings round and round while he bounces up and down. But big dicks are made for fucking, preferably bareback and these two sex freaks once again swap, this time, laying on the ground. Mark slides home, stretching Leo before taking him on all fours and blasting a creamy load all over his gaping hole. Mark seeds Leo before the handsome stud stands and blows all over Mark, who lovingly tastes his jizz and shares it with his former military buddy.

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Boris Fjodorow and Pasha

White nights continue in Eastern Europe and, since Pasha and Boris Fjodorow aren't tired — how can you be when the sun it still up at midnight? — they head out for a photoshoot by the river. They then take it indoors where cute blond twink Boris shows off a nice-sized dick and a big pair of low-hangers. Pasha wants him badly but Boris needs to be romanced first. Kissing is a start and, after passionately making out, Pasha sucks the blond before whipping out his own dick and fucking the twink's face. Boris rims Pasha then fucks him raw before giving up his own cherry. Pasha pounds into Boris deep, fucking the cum out of the blond before spraying his own load of sweet jizz all over the freshly fucked Boris.

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